Help! Have any of you had both hips replaced?

  • I had both of my hips replaced 2 1/2 years ago. I lost most of the muscle in my quads and glutes as a result of inactivity and not eating enough PROTIEN. In 2002 I completed the ironman triathlon in lake placid in 17 hours 45 min. I got. My money's worth! Fast forward almost 12 years and two horrendous surgeries and a steady decline in fitness- i will spare you that story, lol!!!! and now my husband and I are competing in endurance riding competitions with our arabian horses. I get soo tired and sore and take a week to recover! So here I am;) it would be awesome to connect with someone doing this program with new hips too:)

  • My brother suffers from serious hip issues.  One has been replaced, the other replacement is in the works.  He watches me from the side lines and cheers me on as I continue on my fitness journey.  He has a swimming pool and does a lot of his therapy there.  Get your doctors go ahead on the weight bearing exercises and determine your limitations.  Once you know what those are i.e. don't squat past parallel etc., you'll have a much better handle on it.

    Good luck to you!