Weights workout!!!.......Can you help????

  • After reading the Body-for-life book I am nearly ready to go. I just have 1 question I'm hoping someone could help me, as I don't think its very clear in the book.

    In the book Bill gives an example of one of his upper body work outs, now do you follow that exact workout for the whole 12 weeks or do you alternate the exercises. For example, on my chest I do dumbbell bench press and then the dumbbell flyes to finish for my first chest work out workout, and then the next time I do my upper body do I do the same for my chest workout or do I pick another two different exercises ?

    This would be great to clarify so I can do my final planning.

    Many Thanks


  • Hi Chris,

     It's the template and the intensity levels that are most important.  Feel free to change the exercises from month to month, week to week, or workout to workout.  Base it on how you feel and the exercise options available to you.

    Best of luck!


  • That was just his example.  That is also why he shows you different exercises for each body part, so you can change it up.    You can also do body weight for some parts of your body on certain days, but take those to failure.  ie - pushups of various ways, pullups, walking lunges with squats inbetween.  I can come up with more...lol...but you get the idea

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  • I can't remember where I was reading this, perhaps in the body for life champions book? No I think it was in one of the articles on this site! So it said that it is recommended to change your exercise after about 6 weeks. That way you are not overworking one particular range of movement. But if you stick with one exercise say dumbbell flyes every week for a few weeks it's nice because you get to see your progression in terms of weights....Just don't forget to change it after at most 6 weeks :)