Any cardio suggestions?

  • Ive been doing a kickboxing video for my cardio through out the week days and then I go on a walk/jog on Saturdays. I have three little kids and its hard for me to get out of the house for a workout, so I was wondering if anyone has a suggestion on workout videos that would work with the body for life 20 minute high point cardio workouts. Id appreciate any ideas, thanks!

  • If you don't mind changing cardio up a little, in regards to not going exactly by the book, you can do steps.  I do these for cardio days inside, and find it rather enjoyable (well, as enjoyable as cardio can be).  I actually start with 30 seconds of easy punching on a punch bag and then I do 30 seconds of steps on my one step (step up on right leg, then left leg, then step down with right leg and down with left leg...keep repeating for 30 seconds) and go as hard as I can.  After 30 seconds, I repeat the entire process with the punch bag and steps.  I got this idea from Shaun Phillips book (Bill Phillip's brother).  Not exactly BFL, but it's still HIIT.  I originally used an elliptical and went by the book, but I would get so bored with that.  I also enjoy doing 30 second sprints on the street right out in front of the house.  Hope that gives you a couple of options.  


  • Try INSANITY. It's great for high interval training. Just do the 21 min of that

  • ShaylaS,

    That is one of the hardest Cardio programs out there...and I love it!!

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