todays workout

  • I was unable to get to the gym this morning for the first time in week one because my son had an event at school I went to and then I had a Dr. appointment. It was my upper body day so I had a couple sets of weights at home I tried to use. I only had 10's and 5's so I had to make do. It was really hard to get the full program in but I really had to push hard with the 10 pounders on shoulders and biceps. Chest however was way too easy I probably only reached n 8 tops. I am trying to tell myself it was better than nothing and I did do it on an empty stomach. Having a shake and water now. It's back to the gym tomorrow for cardio.

    On a food note....I am already making notes of what I want to eat on Sunday. Anyone else do that in the beginning? I have been able to resist (barely) everything but ONLY because I knew I could eat it on Sunday. Can't wait. I hope that doesn't make me weak because I am looking forward to cheat day. I really want this to work. I did the program about 11 years ago before my last three kids and I looked awesome after. I don't know what took me so long to do it again. My youngest is 2 1/2 so that excuse of baby weight is long long gone!!

  • Chest and back would be hard to do with small weights. You could do some push-ups instead and get a good workout for your chest.  For back if you had some elastic bands you could sit down and have the bands across the bottom of your feet and pull straight back you could get that in. The bands would probably be too long to make it feel really heavy, but you could grip them closer to your feet and make it feel heavier.

  • I hadn't even prepared myself that I might not be able to get to the gym. I didn't even do back because I couldn't get anything out of the weights. My plan is to tack back on tomorrow after my 20 cardio. I know its not perfect but for today it will have to do. My plan is to plan for this possibility in the future, pick up some bands or a few more sets of weights then i will be prepared if something like this happens again.

    Thanks for the input!

  • Ditto to doing pushups. They work great for chest. Also, for back something that works well is if you have a rope or some ratchet straps, put them around a tree or tall pole, put loops in each end so for handles. Stand facing the pole with your feet close to the pole and lean back as far as you can, then pull your body up keeping your feet in place. It's basically a standing row, but instead of pulling something toward you you are pulling your body weight.

  • At nearly 6'3" tall, 286 lbs and 51 years old, I have a lot of weight to lose, and I am starting my 1st challenge Monday June 10th, tomorrow.  Can someone or maybe a number of you answer a question for me, please:

    I will follow the workout regiment of 3 days cardio and 3 days weight training on alternate days exactly as in the Body For Life book, unless told it is better otherwise, but it does concern me that each week I'll only be doing one of the major body part combinations once, for instance a Wednesday lower body and abs workout, with Monday and Friday being upper body.  Would it be a good or better idea, and would it be allowed per the Challenge, to double up the third workout each week, for me that would be Friday's, and on that day do all body parts, lower body/abs and upper body, and maybe alternate which body parts I start with on Mondays?  In this way each week I get two workouts for each major body part.  My goal is maximum weightloss with maximum fitness, losing 3 lbs per week, and getting to 249 lbs by the end of the 12 weeks.