I need help with my hamstrings!

  • Just starting my program and I have a bad knee that has had an ACL reconstruction, tendonitis, and patellafemoral syndrome.  When I worked out my hamstrings for the first time, I was physically unable to do a lunge properly, and the sitting curls on the machine hurt my knee.  Besides the deadlift, are there any other hamstring workouts that I can try that will be effective?  So frustrating! Any help would be great! Thanks!

  • I am suffering from the same conditions. I strongly encourage you to do your first two lower body workouts using a sports therapist who knows what he is doing. They will tweak the exercises to make you use specific "form" and technique not to aggravate your condition. I hired a personal trainer who almost crippled me with how stupid he was. As a matter of fact, I hired two. One was only worse the other. A few weeks ago I hired a sports therapist who's also a personal trainer. It took only one session for me to exercise without pain for the first time in my life.