Muscles have responded! A good soreness feeling!

  • Yesterday while doing UBWO, I wanted to push it to failure and up the weights the best I could.

    Afterwards, I felt no soreness at all and was wondering, did I push it far enough.

    When I woke up this morning, a little sore in my arms and biceps, but not as much in my pects.

    Now at night, I can feel more soreness in forearms and shoulders. 

    This is good because my body is giving me feed back.  I can rest Upperbody and push it tomorrow for LBWO.

    So like the book said, you're body needs that recovery time after the "earthquake" and the shock you've given it.

    Now I can adjust for next Monday's UBWO, since my chest and pects aren't too sore, I'll know to increase weights on Dumbell Fly's a weak area of mine.

    Thought I'd share.  It just neat that you can read everything you can, but it's not until you feel it, that the "ah hah" revelation hits, and it makes you feel great!

    To all those at different stages of the challenge.  Focus on the little daily improvements and let those get you excited about life!

    ~Marqui D. C1W8D53

  • I have learned to love the sore feeling after a hard workout. Without it, I feel disappointed and unaccomplished.

    Good job!!

    Stacy Lynn