Changing exercises each lifting workout, good or bad?

  • Question:  It's my 3rd challenge...and this time around I'm changing my workout every workout instead of lifting the same way for 4 weeks.  (all a result of avoiding boredom).  As in; Triceps, one week I'll do dips and kick backs, and the next time I'll lay on the bench and drop a weight back over my head or stand up and lower and raise the weight. 

    Any opinions?

  • Perfect, that is the way to do it

  • I have mixed emotions on this one.  Yes, it is good to change things up, but if you aren't giving yourself at least a few weeks of doing the same exercises, you're not allowing yourself to get stronger and increase the workload on those exercises.  I would stick with the same exercises, increasing strength for a few weeks before changing up.  Just my opinion. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you are hitting those 10's, getting your cardio in, as well as good clean food, water and plenty of sleep.

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  • Thanks BDMom...great advice!