Hello fellow fitness folks,

I am coming to you guys in need of some assistance with my website that I started about 2 months ago.  Although it provides some good information, I want your guys' opinions on how I could make it better whether that be new topics, a tool or resource of some sort, or whatever you can possibly think of.  

I want to hear any thought you guys have including good, bad....or fantastic.  I'm hoping with your help to make my site a useful and credible tool for anyone that wants to lose weight, gain muscle, and just be healthier.  

If you want to directly contribute with say an article or if you want to just message me in person about something email me: bertl@carthage.edu

Take a look at the site and tell me what you think: http://www.bodyathleticsblog.com

Again, ANY HELP IS WELCOME, even if it's harsh criticism..