tricks, tips, suggestions on getting lower abs

  • as the title reads. anything anyone?

  • If you want to build your lower abs do exercises where you bring your legs up.  ex- Reverse crunches/hanging leg raises/v-ups.  You need lots of cardio as well because you have to reduce you BF% to see abs.

  • Hanging leg raises...knees to chest, then to the sides at a 45 degree angle....trouble is, it takes a while for your shoulders to handle the strain, but it pays off.

  • Abs are really made in the kitchen.  Go over all your nutrition details and make sure you dead on.  Since you are at that point, every detail counts to the max.

  • The above is true,  but I do roman chair exercises for the abs as well, it does require the correct type of seating to do these though.  Diet is a major factor as is lower bodyfat content.

  • James is spot on.  The concept of upper and lower abs is a bit of a misconception.  The abs are actually two long muscles, side-by-side that attach at the sternum and pelvis.  Work the muscles just like you would any other muscle group.  I prefer 2x per week.  Make sure the muscle is strong, the rest is done in the kitchen.  You want to see abs, you have to lose fat!