Embarrassed - journaling

  • I have used the BFL journals before to help me track my progress and I really need it to remind me of what exercise I planned next at what weight.  I just feel a little awkward at the gym.  Before I was able to do my free weights at home but I have out grown them and need the gym.  I appear to be the only one there writing down my progress and having a guide.  It is causing me to procrastinate going and debate using my journal even though I know without the journal I will not do a complete and proper workout.  :-(

    How does everyone else cope with this?  I would like to get over it in my mind and think that no one is judging me as a newbie at the gym or something.  

  • Megs-I went through this several yrs ago as well, but the "journaling" is what got me through the workout. Instead of taking the big journal though, I got one of those little notepads (palmsize) and wrote down my workout, had a pen clipped to it so I could write notes down on whether or not to increase wts. or whatever.

    Hope this helps...remember you are doing this for YOU, who cares what others think! :)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • I appear to be the only one there writing down my progress and having a guide.


    Absolutely nothing to be embarrassed of.   Not to be cynical, but you are a step ahead of many, not a step behind.  There is nothing worse than going to the gym unprepared, it leaves you with too many options to be distracted.  As for what other people think, I generally take the approach of. "I could care less," but understandably not everyone is that way.  However, if they are judging you as a newbie, well show them why you aren't!  At some point soon , you will feel comfortable with your routine and probably wondered why you fussed at all anways.  You're not the first person new to the gym and you won't be last.


    Psst:  Soon you will be the person wondering why 'that guy/gal' is only curling or pressing with half-range :)

  • I agree, there is absolutely no reason you should feel embarrassed. Don't worry about what other people think about you writing anything down. But, just in case you can't help but worry about what they think...let me tell you what *I* think when I see someone writing in a journal at the gym. I think, "that person has their s**t together...I should bring a notebook tomorrow".

    You just keep doing what you're doing, because it's what keeps YOU on track. And your gym time should be ALL about YOU. :) Take care and keep kickin' butt!

  • When your gym members see your progress and start asking you what you are doing, you can whip out that handy dandy journal and show them EXACTLY how it works.  No need for embarrassment and you go for it!!

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right ~ Henry Ford

    Michelle Simpson ~2009 Body-for-LIFE Champion 46+ Catagory

  • Megs-  

    I had a thought- So people will watch you walking around a gym with a little note pad and chuckle at you... then 3 months later.... VA-VOOM!!!

    Maybe they will start to bring note pads in too.......

    You may just start a trend! After seeing your results..... Who wouldn't want to follow?

    Stacy Lynn

  • My mom started teasing me about my crib sheets, because she was embarrassed by it, and telling me to just remember stuff. I ended up feeling lost and not going. It's only three years later that I'm returning to the gym. I will take what I need to the gym to be productive and comfortable.

    Do what you need to do. Don't worry about being judged. People are probably focussed on their own workouts, and they're just nosy if they are paying too much attention to you.

    As Stacy Lynn said VA-VOOM! Oh yeah, oh yeah!


  • Here's a quick thought  -In 7 months it's going to be the start of the Holiday season with Thanksgiving etc.

    What's more embarrassing?

    Not doing your all today and being embarrassed because you don't like the way you look and can't fit in the clothes you want to wear and don't want your picture taken?

    Or this simple thing of carrying your plan to the gym? 

    Yup I'll suffer any embarrassing moments today, for that chance in Holiday season when I want people that I haven't seen in a while say, "Wow Marqui, you look great!  How'd you lose so much weight?"    In which I'll reply, well I had a plan, executed it and I logged it.  Do you really wanna know or are you just asking?


    With all that said, I don't take the print out or a journal to the gym.  Not because of embarrassment or anything.  It's just there are so many programs out there and people get so opinionated.  I made my choice w/ BFL and I really don't need to hear other peoples opinion about it.  I don't want to get in a pissing match of what program is better, worse etc.  Bottom line is we're all here at the gym trying to better ourselves, how we get there is our own choosing.

    So what I use is a little 3x5 notecard that serves me well.  It's helpful especially when I get exhausted and forget what I planned to lift.  It's like my own built in personal trainer.  Here's an example of UBWO:


    Monday, May 3rd, 2010  Day 57   5:55am  12*10*8*6/12

    Dumbell Flys  20*25*30*40/30     Dumbell Bench Press  30

    Lateral Raises  10,12.5,15,17.5/12.5     Cable Side Pull Downs (Slow with form)  60

    Seated Row  100,110,120, 130/110    Lat Pull Down  90

    Then writing more on the back of the card

    Tris - Cable Extensions  40,50,60,70/50    Lying Dumbell Extensions  25

    Standing Double Curls  30,40,50,60/50   Single Standing Curls  25   (12 each arm)


    One thing I've learned is that this helps me  stay on track.  Sometimes you look at others and you think wow, they are lifting more, maybe I need to lift more.  Then I remind myself that, I don't know if they just rested, if they are trying to max out or really what they are trying to do.  Lots of people don't work on proper form either.  So having this notecard keeps me focused on what is suppose to happen.  Plus if anyone asks, I'll just say, oh this is what my trainer told me to do.  That word "trainer" sound so official.  Well I got the BFL Forums, the book, and other guidance and my own inner personal mind that's getting stronger, as my trainer.

    Whatever you do, don't let anyone hinder your progress towards your goals!

    ~MarquiD C1W8D58



  • Omg.  I can't believe anyone else has felt this way.  I am overwieght and had to start at the gym (where all the beautiful people are)  It was hard enough to go to the gym and start working out again but now I am lugging a huge hard cover book (like I know what Im doing).  This is what I did.  I tore the hard cover off the book so it was less conspicuous then just kept lugging it along until it felt natural.  I like it now because I can focus on exactly what I need to do next and not worry about looking around for something to do.  your challenge is about YOU, this little challenge might be one of those victories along the way.  Enjoy!!

  • <<<<< Tough Love Alert >>>>>


    Do this for you and not anyone else.  You are making excuses.  

    You said "I appear to be the only one there writing down my progress and having a guide.  It is causing me to procrastinate going and debate using my journal even though I know without the journal I will not do a complete and proper workout.  :-("

    Having a journal with you is not what causes you to procrastinate.  Your procrastination stems for your resistance to getting the work done that is needed to change yourself.  You have a choice to make you can either use your journal (or notecards as suggested above) and get your proper workouts in, or you can just stay the way you are.  Help yourself.  Eventually you might get to the point where you can memorize what needs to get done and make notes after your workout.

    BFL is about you getting healthier, not what you imagine other people might be thinking.  

    Sincere best wishes for your health and discipline.  You have already jumped a major hurdle just recognizing the need to get healthier.  Please don't let made up obstacles keep you from achieving your goals.


  • Nice, James!

    I lug a clipboard around.

    This really buff guy well advanced in his body training looked at my clip board and said I looked like a man with a mission. We laughed, and on closer inspection, he noticed my little notes about increasing the weight for certain sets, good burn on one or two, and high point on some, and said - WOW.

    Then he wanted to know more about my weight training program, and I was able to tell him about Body-for- Life.

    He's been in a few body building competitions, but never won.

    I will see him Monday, so I am going to ask him if he got a chance to check out the BFL website.

    "What you put in, is what you are going to get back."

    - Terry

  • i usually just make a photocopy of my day's workout from the journal, or just write it down on a piece of paper so that it is convenient. I would never dream of going to the gym without my plan! Who cares what other people think, right???

    There used to be a section of the website where you could print off the daily workout sheets, and that was awesome because then you could write all over them and just transfer it to your journal when you got home. If anyone knows how to find those, please tell me, this new website format is wonky

  • Good morning erica, go to the Library tab, then click on tools & scroll down & there should be a link to click on for progress reports. :D

    Best of luck with your challenge!!

  • Ya know megs. All these ppl are giving terrific advice. I felt exactly like you did when I took my journal to the gym. Mine was a 3 ring binder with a bunch of loose paper in it too. Then I thought to myself, "OMG who cares what they think. Yes I'm taking a little longer on a specific machine but I need to get what I need done. I'm doing this for ME not them." It was then that I also realized I wasn't embarrassed to be in a gym either. I walk in, smile at whomever looks at me, be open and friendly, just like I did when I was skinny. Once ppl see your attitude and how hard you work and how organized you are by keeping track they'll gravitate towards you and either offer help or ask for help themselves.

    You don't need to adopt an I'm-Better-Than-You attitude you just need to think I'm-As-Good-As-You and you will get the job done.

    Do whatever it takes to help YOU out.

  • I just started this week and I bring a little print out from this site with a pen stuck in my pony tail.  You shouldn't be embarrassed about the journal if it's helping you get healthy.  I choose not to bring the whole book just because it's bulky to carry around.  I take notes on my little print out and then transfer them to my journal at home. So far this has worked well for me.  I just smile at people who look at me with questioning expressions about what I'm doing... if they ask I'll tell them about BFL.  Always do what's best for you, don't worry about what other people are thinking!