Salsa dancing

  • I've been taking salsa classes once a week on my free day and it's definitely a work out . Recently I've been going salsa dancing and it's dancing and working up a sweat for like 2-3 hours. I've also thinking about taking a zumba class once a week for 1 hr. Does anyone know if this well affect my BFL results? Will it interfere with the program? 

  • Laurie-How far are you into the challenge? Has the extra dancing on free days affected your energy levels? If not, I would say go for it...I know some people on here go for long bike rides or jog on free days. Just don't overdo it and make sure you are getting the proper food intake.

    Not sure about adding the extra zumba though...

    Happy Dancing!! :)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • They are offering a Zumba class near my house and my sister-in-law is after me to go with her.  For me I need that day of no exercise.  Most I do on my free day is take my dog for a long walk.

  • I would say no thank you maybe when I'm done with the challenge.  Rest is so important!  It's crucial for muscle recovery and for avoiding injury.  Use your rest day to rest! I usually go on a long walk with the family or a bike ride.  


  • Thanks for the input everyone

    Debbie - I'm on week 6 day 4 and no it's not affecting my energy levels but I'm hooked and I wanna go dancing more than just on my free day. What do you mean about the proper food intake? I do take advantage of my free days as far a eating what I want but not overindulging and I don't really eat the 6 meals because it's my only day to sleep in and that throws everything off.

    Confession I did supplement my cardio today and tried the zumba class... boy was that a workout....did I break a sweat! One hour and it was fun. But maybe I'll hold off on the zumba until after my challenge.

    Thanks again