• Can anyone help me figure out what the 5-25 workout is? 

    The Body for Lifers on facebook were talking about this.  I could not find info on this website about it.




  • It's Bill Phillips new work out routine that he is using at his transformation camps.  He is no longer with BFL/EAS (from my understanding).  Just google Bill Phillips and 5-25 workouts.

  • I did 5-25 over the summer because the weight workouts are shorter, but it is very different from BFL. You don't necessarily "push to failure" like the BFL workouts but I do like the cardio (walk 2 minutes, jog 2 minutes, sprint 1 minute, repeat 5x). The weight training circuits are taxing in a different way. Like TheHeavy says, just look it up in Google and you'll find workouts for upper body, lower body, cardio, and abs/core.

  • Well i was originally starting with the 12 week BFL program.  THen i came to this.  So now I am unsure of which one to follow.  ANy suggestions?  I am DAy 5 in my 12 week program.  I am finding it difficult to follow the pyramid way and easier to do the 5-25.  BUT, i want to be sure I am getting the same great results.  I am a very new beginner with weights, so it is hard for me to find the right weight for the right muscle group to get a good workout.  i am just trying to navigate all this but do not want to waste any time!  I think I need help!

  • This is just my opinion but if you are starting from zero, BFL is the way to go. 5-25 doesn't push you the way BFL does, the circuit training is a whole new beast that is nothing like the buildup of the BFL workouts. I did about 8 weeks of 5-25 and didn't see the same results in muscle gain although it did help my stamina. 5-25 isn't really a program AFAIK, just a workout method. Right now Bill is pushing something called "Transformation" with RightLight products, I'm not sure how the workouts go, if it's a modification of BFL or if it's 5-25 but if you're going to do the Challenge, I recommend you stick to Challenge workouts.

    And don't worry! It will take you at least a week or two to get the weights right so you are not alone in that. Keep a journal like the book outlines. I got really lax about that in the final weeks but at the beginning, that thing was a bible of both my ability to figure out my limits, and to view my progress and keep me motivated. If you are new to weights and cardio you won't be able to just jump right in with both feet and always know what a 7, 8, 9 and 10 feels like. And it gradually changes over time, so every couple weeks you will lift and think "Hm, that felt awfully easy!" so then next week, you go up a bit. It's all a big learning process.