I need your advice on a Home MultiGym please!

  • Hi Guys,

    I'm looking to purchase a home multigym, but being a complete newbie, I have no idea if this is the right product or not!

    Ultimately, will this machine allow me to work out all of my core muscle groups as described in the BFL book?
    Will there by any muscle groups I'll have to work on on a different machine?

    Thanks - I'd really appreciate some advice!

    (This is the machine I'm talking about - Amazon.com)

  • It looks like it'll do a lot, but I'm not sure about shoulders, triceps, biceps, hamstrings, or calves. I might just be missing something however, so hopefully someone else will chime in as well.  

    Do you also plan on buying some free weights to go along with that gym? If so, then you'd for sure be able to take care of all muscle groups (hamstrings might be difficult to really work though).

  • Oh wait, I just now saw the attachments. It looks like you'll for sure be able to do biceps and triceps with that machine. Maybe the rest as well.

  • Great - appreciate you're help.

    I've got some free weights somewhere in the garage (some old Hand me downs) which I might have to pull out and dust off the spider webs...

  • Greetings,  I was advised early in my C1 (first) Challenge that machines were ok but should be supplement by free weights because free weights use muscles from various other areas near the area being worked that will provide additional growth and development.  I have incorporated them into my last two challenges from the start and found this to be quite true and helpful advice to this date. Watch out for the spiders on those weights and remember Christmas is coming up if you need to offer gift suggestions to relatives, provided they can lift them up and wrap them (dumbells or barbells get very heavy in quantity).