But - what about the buttocks?

  • BFL book shows 5 upper body but only 4 lower body exercises (quads, hamstrings, calves and abs)

    My main focus for these 12 weeks needs to be my butt - should I research exercises for that specifically and add them to my lower workout?

    Opinions will be greatly appreciated - I just started my challenge.

    Thank you

  • Yes Teresa... work that butt! I followed the book completely for challenge 1 and now on Challenge 2 I am adding other muscle groups I ignored before. Go for it.


  • Teresa, You can do squats and lunges that will work out your glutes (butt) and they also work your quads and hamstrings.  The stair stepper is a good cardio machine that also works your glutes.  

    But you could also just add in a 5th lower body exercise if you find another specific exercise for your butt that you like (some that I do are bridges, clamshell exercises, hip abductors with wall ball - these were all given to me by my physical therapist to strengthen my glutes).

    I hope you find something that works for you! :)

  • thank you - i think i will have to add a 5th lower to focus on my area of concern

  • Surely any other exercises you want to add would be beneficial.