Feet are killing me

  • Started to try and jog/run this week. Feet are killing me, where it even hurts to walk. What can I do?

  • Chad where specifically on your foot are you experiencing pain? You could try streching your foot and icing where the pain is. VAL

  • It could be a few different things chad, depending on where your feet are hurting.  If it is mostly the sole/heel area, then it is probably plantar fasciitis.  I ended up getting a different type of foot pain after I started running longer distances: posterior tibial tendinitis.  My pain was mostly in my arch and up near the inside of my ankle.  That is why I had to start going to physical therapy. :(

    There are other causes of foot pain as well, so I'd say that if yours doesn't go away you might want to get it checked out by a dr.

    In the meantime, if you're running, make sure you have proper running shoes - that will help so much!  Most running stores will give you a free evaluation to see what the best type of shoe and/or insert you need.

    To help relieve your pain, try RICE - rest, icing, compression (wrap it with an Ace bandage or something), and elevation.  I also like to take ibuprofen when mine flares up.

    Hope it's feeling better!  It is not fun when you can't even walk without pain.