Finally found the change I was looking for in the weight training regimen.  I always thought is was odd to include 5 muscle groups in the UBWO and 4 in the LBWO, including the abs....and then do 3 weight training sessions per week.  So, first of all, if you are doing a challenge, or have a lot of body fat to burn off, don't modify as I have....but if you are in really good shape, and want to try something that I think may be even more effective, then...

Start with the CBWO, or Core Body Workout.  This includes your 1) Chest, 2) Back and 3) Abs.

Next the UBWO two days later:  The Shoulders, tripceps, and biceps.

Finally the LBWO with Quads, Hamstrings, and Calves.

The other change:  Forget the 12/10/8/6/12/12 rep approach.  Do warm up with 12 reps at a light weight loading (70 - 75% of max. or so).  But then, switch to heavy loading and try to do 12 reps.  Increase the weight, or change positions (decline bench, incline bench, etc.) and try again for 12 reps.  Continue until you've done 5 - 6 sets on the muscle group, then move on to the next excercise.

I love this approach, because it also leaves my legs less sore for the most of the cardio sessions.