changing exercises for each muscle group

  • I've been following the program on and off for a while.  My question is how often are you suppose to change the exercises in your routine for each muscle group??


                                                                                                                    Thanks,  Jeff

  • If you are consistent with the program ( not off & on)..then changing things up every 3-4 weeks is a good idea.  Get on the wagon and stay; it may not be a fun ride the entire time, but definately one that will get you where you are going if you stay consistent with the program.

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  • Thanks,  about 3-4 years ago i followed the eating plan without exercising and dropped 30 pounds.  Eventually gained it back and more.   so a couple of years ago i started eating better and dropped some weight then decided to hire a personal trainer and he changed my diet some.   DIdn't work out for me to good because his changes caused me to eat too much.   Gained that weight back and now i want to  try this program with the exercising.   Hopefully i can get more motivation and stay commited, lol                                            Jeff

  • BDMoms recommended frequency is a good guideline.  But realize that some muscle groups have more options for changing the excercises than others.  You may want to consider using free weights for 3 -4 weeks, and then machines for 3 - 4 weeks.  I like to use dumbbells for the chest excercises, but there are really only two excercises possible, the press and the fly.  I got around this by changing the angle of the bench - flat, incline, or even decline.  The incline bench works the upper chest more, and the decline bench the lower pecs more.

    Hope this helps.


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  • I received an email from BFL on week 5 saying it was time to switch it up.