Any solutions for extreme exhaustion?

  • Hi,

    I was caught up in a situation on Saturday (my upper body workout day) after I left the gym on my bike heading to a superstore at the outskirts of town in a bit of desolate area. It was supposed to be 4 miles away. I had a protein shake and off I went. Long story short, I was lost, and ended up on bike ride that lasted for five hours in the middle of nowhere. It didn't help much that my bicycle weighs 90 pounds and had to be carried and manhandled too many times. So, my upper body was/is wasted as well. It was only when I came back to an inhabited area that I found a supermarket and bought ready-to-eat grilled chicken breast (150 grams), and a granary bread bun. The meal was followed by about an hour of cycling. When I came home I drank a protein shake with extra protein powder and ate two  large peaches and slept.

    I could not go to the gym yesterday or today. I tried today, I could not make it to the gym but felt wasted after a five minute walk and had to come back home.

    I need help as to what I should eat to recover. I ate around 1900 calories of authorized foods yesterday and was in bed most of the day. I thought I was going to do well today but I still feel very weak. I had two large eggs today and a cup of tea with sugar.

    Do I stay on the eating plan till I recover, or do I up my food, or what do I do? I feel truly exhausted. Just walking to the kitchen makes me feel too tired. Sorry if I am being redundant.

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  • Oh my goodness,, you had quite an adventure!  I am not an expert, I am on week 10.  If I were in your shoes, I would stick to the eating plan as usual, as food will not help with the soreness and tired feeling.  I would take a good long soak in the tub, and rest.  I bet you'll be back on your feet tomorrow :) And since you did so much work on that ride, you might skip workout tomorrow- so you can continue to recover before you start back up again, good as new, with your eye on the prize! You can do it!

  • I cannot believe that you went through the same experience as me, Change4better!! Mine was last week and you can read about it on the thread "This is my journey". My overworking my body though lasted for 4 days!!!!!!!!!!! Monday through Thursday. Thursday night I was exhausted and soooo sore and was sure i would be fine Fri after sleeping all night. NOPE. Couldn't excersize and returned home. Saturday STILL i was so exhausted that indeed like you said, walking to the kitchen or bathroom or up the stairs took soooo much effort, even pain in muscles. So, good thing for me was that it had a 3 day weekend but continued on my eating plan, eating clean. Sunday was off day and I did have the bad stuff, but today I was good. I worked out  for the first time since Thursday and it felt good. But I didn't do anything else today though at home. My legs feel worked. And I want to be careful not to exhaust myself again. You'll read there what I did to overwork myself so bad. You will recover fine. Rest for 2-4 days, your body will let you know when you are good.