weight and changing exercises

  • I'm starting week 3 of my first challenge.  I may not have noticed much on the scale yet but my energy levels and body strength are already much improved from before I started.  That being said I find the weights a bit easier now and think I need to adjust a few things when I'm doing weight training, but wanted to know a couple things.

    1st off I wasn't giving a full minute between reps.  I've changed this to now include that, anyone know the reason why this is done?

    2nd I have been increasing my weights as I go up in reps and hit the heaviest on the last 2 12 reps.  I find the last reps I'm giving all I have, but the build up is not there.  Would it make sense to hit heavier weights as I build up than dial back the weight a bit on the last 2 sets?

    3rd I'm using a home gym and am still new to weight training, so I don't know many exercises yet.  As a result when I'm working one set of muscles, I haven't been doing 2 different exercises.  when I get to my last 2 12 sets I do 12 reps, take a couple breaths and do another 12 of the same exercise.  I was planning on changing this up but am curious how important it is to change exercises.

    I haven't done much weight training in the past so any advice is helpful.


  • Howdy, I will give you my humble opinions on these questions, hopefully they help.   First off, the minute rest will be needed when you have really pushed it to the maxium level, not to say that you arent pushing it as hard as you can, I just know when I am done with a set, I welcome a breather for 60 seconds.       As far as the workout, here is an example of my chest set,   dumbells, flat or incline bench.  25 30 40 50 35 25.   now that is for reps of 12 10 8 6 12 12.   I hope that makes sense,   I increase my weight according to my previous week ( if I can :-) )   I am usually at failure by the last few in the set, if not then i know i need to add more weight next time.  ( or I am just having a strong day)  

    As far as changing the exercises, it is important to keep your body guessing and using different actions to get optimal results.  For example if you only do flat bench presses then you will only work one part of your pecs, and not get full definition of the entire muscle.   I try to change it every week.   If you have an i phone or android phone, lookup JEFIT app, it has examples of many different exercises by body part.  

    I hope some of this helps, I know what works for me and you have to tailor it to fit your needs.    Keep pushing it every day!  

  • Yes this helps a lot.  I was doing the same reps, but the weight I would keep increasing all the way to the final set of 12 and 12.  I am finding that the early sets are too easy, so it makes sense to use more weight earlier and dial it back for the last sets.

    That app looks good, nice too since I already use my phone for music when I work out.

  • Answer 1: www.mensfitness.com/.../importance-rest-periods

    Answer 2: You should be lifting your heaviest weight on the 6 rep set. For the last set I twelve I try to lift the weight I did on my 10 rep set,

    Answer 3: Here is a list of exercises by muscle and by exercise type (machine, barbell, dumbbell) with animations. www.exrx.net/.../Directory.html

    I change up my routine every 4 weeks. I also try to add 5 to 10 pounds each workout. 

    For example:

    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”


  • It is pretty handy, you will get the groove of it.  Glad I could help a bit,  Don't hesitate to ask about anything, lots of smart folks on here.

    Keep pushing it !