• ive just trained my lower body and when  i was doing dumbell lunges and dumbell squats i had really bad pain in my knees , i have osteo arthritis in my right knee which is what i think it is  although i have not had pain for over a year , so it could be a flare up , however im ok doing the other two exercises the leg press and leg extension will it be ok just to do these 2 exercises  to my legs im ok with all the other leg workouts its only 2 that i cant really do without pain ?

  • My suggestion... some of these are things that are helping me with my arthritis.

    1) Cissus quadrangularis - A product called Super Cissus is good for the joints

    2) EFA's - Add (supplement) a good Essential Fatty Acid in your diet... maybe one with CLA

    3) Movement/Weight/Concentration - Just doing the exercise is one part of it... doing it right is most important... slow your reps, lower your weight, and concentrate your mind on the muscle group/groups being trained. In your movement, try to stay parallel, going any deeper could put undue stress on your joints.