What cardio workouts do you do?

  • I find myself having an extremely difficult time doing the Body For Life Cardio solution properly when I choose to run. Problem is, I really don't know of any other cardio workouts. I'm 6' 3" and approx 210 and have only ever ran for cardio. Sounds kind of ignorant of me, but what other cardio workouts are there that work well? 

  • I just found this. What do you guys n gals think?


  • I do the elliptical two days a week and swim the other two dancing is another good cardio I've heard zumba is good, kick boxing is excellent, aerobic workout tape could work if you want something simple you can do at home. Hope that helps

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  • Greetings afleece,  I try to mix it up when I am doing a challenge and use ellliptical one day , then treadmill at least once a week (running) , the stepper type machine and also a reclining gym bike as well on another day. A little variety helps round things out and make it more interesting for the HIT cardio.

  • I use a stationary bike for my cardio because I can monitor my intensity levels by increasing the resistance.  The bike I use shows me the intervals and at the end my workout I can make sure my workout progress looks like page 67 of the BFL book.

  • Thanks for the responses everyone. I am about to give up running. I am sick of hurting half way through my run. I always feel like I've been shot in my knees afterwards. I think I'm going to have to either get a stationary cycle or break down and end up doing an aerobic workout vid, which i didn't want to do but I will rather then not do cardio.

  • If you havent tried it, an elliptical trainer mimics the motion of running without the impact.  I love it and it is very gentle on the joints.

  • i had trouble following it  as well in the beginning while i was running

  • i skip for 20 mins and every 5 i up the speed and then slow down again not sure if what im doing is 100% right but i feel like ive worked out afterwards and have worked up quite a sweat

  • I don't run on a treadmill for the same exact reason... KNEES HURT... but... I do use a treadmill from time to time.



    1-2                              3                         3

    3                                  5                         3

    4                                  6                         3

    5                                  7                         3

    6                                  8                         3

    7                                  5                         3

    8                                  6                         3

    9                                  7                         3

    10                                8                        3

    11                                5                        3

    12                                6                        3

    13                                7                        3

    14                                8                        3

    15                                5                        3

    16                                6                        3

    17                                7                        3

    18                                8                        3

    19                                9                        4

    20                                4                        2

    This is a HIIT rolling Hill Climb profile that I use. I started at this level when I began training... and now I try to hit an incline of 14 and a speed of 5 at my 19th minute and sometimes I feel like I am going to die!!! but my knees do not get the IMPACT from the treadmil... My Quads and Glutes; however, are ON FIRE!!!


  • Oh... And I've also tried jumping rope... Who knew that would be such a good Cardio Workout???!!! But it is!!! Using a speed rope and I'm doing singles (One Rotation Per Jump), but I am trying to get to doubles (Two Rotations Per Jump)... One legged is also very difficult... But I am also doing unorthodox training like this on my off days when I am bored :-)