Ideas for ab workouts

  • Abs are the one I stuggle with.  The 12, 10, 8, 6, 12, 12 is not enough for make them sore.  I can do crunches until I want to throw up and my abs are just never sore.  Last night I did decline crunches holding a weight and I still feel nothing.  Maybe I don't have abs...I sure can't feel them.  I'm looking for ideas other than crunches that might make me feel some pain!!!


  • I know the feeling.  Recently, I have set goals for myself regarding my abs. To get that shredded, "omg, I can't laugh" feeling, you have to explore and change it up.  I finally found a video showing somewhat what I do. here is the link:

    Now my variation of this exercise is this,(I've changed it up a bit since I last posted) is this:

    Set 1 - 6lb ball

    Set 2 - 8lb ball

    Set 3 - 10lb ball

    Set 4 - 12lb ball

    Set 5 - 8lb ball

    Set 6 - Decline crunches with 35lb weight on chest and I pivot 4 x on each rep

    However, that is not it.  Instead of just going up and down with my legs, I pass the ball back and forth between my ankles and hands.  So rep 1 I have the ball between my ankles and bring my arms and take the ball in my hand.  Rep 2 I pass the ball back to my ankles and so on.

    Try something like that out and let me know how you feel.

  • Thanks!  I'll give that a try!

  • HeatherC: this morning I put a 10# dumbbell snuggly underneath each bent knee while laying on my back, and then touched knees to each side on floor to work my obliques. I went slow and really felt them this way. For me to feel my abs light up I find the slower I go the better with a wee squeeze at the end of each rep.

    Also, if you lay on your back on your swiss ball, put your hands down to balance, then lift both legs to do a reverse plank - those are kindof fun. I have to watch the postition of the ball under my butt so I dont strain my back, but if I hit it right, these are difficult for me. The ball makes you use all kinds of stabelizer muscles. After rolling off a couple times today I stuck some dumbbells on the sides of the ball to help keep it in place.

    Holding a dumbbell behind your head and upping the weights is another favorite of mine.

    There is a difference in doing a crunch and DOING A CRUNCH. You need to isolate and use your abs, engage the core. It took me several attempts to finally realize where my calf muscles were until I could get a good calf workout....perhaps this is the same with you and your abs. Once you realize where they are for real - you can find ways to make them burn.

    I love abs. :) Good luck making yours burn up!

  • NEW MOVE! OK so dinner break wouldnt be the same without a crack at the old chin up bar...done - did a few unassisted then a few assisted with my stretchy band with handles on my feet. As I am hanging there with the handles still on my feet, I straighten my legs and try to raise them to hip level. I DID IT! It hurt like hell but I did it again! LOL. So there ya go - with the bands on, they will assist you to get those hanging ab raises in with either bent or straight legs.

  • First I am totally jealous that you can do chin ups!  I still can't even do one.   Second...I just looked up what an assisted chin up band is.  I am so going to get one of those!   Great idea!  

  • Heather - you're funny.

    I wasnt always able to add an "s" to the end of the word "chin-up". LOL  I started with chin-downs for about a week. Got to the point where they were just annoying me and I wanted to conquer that bar like nothing else. I try to do a couple every time I go into that room. I am only at 3 unassisted. The record that I have heard about is 364 I think. So - I'm getting there.

    Get that band and start the fun.


  • My kids laugh at me struggling to do one chin up.  My husband is ex-navy.  He hasn't done anything since discharge 13 years ago.  He walk over and busts out like 10 chin ups and 3 one handed chin up.   I am damn DETERMINED to be able to do ONE! :)

  • Self discipline and determination is the first step in achieving anything in life.

    You just bought yourself success.

    Congratulations HeatherC.

  • YAY ME!  I am getting me some bands and it is ON! :)  

  • I am still loving putting the weights under knees and working obliques. Today I kept weights under knees and pulled knees in to chest and engaged the lower abs. Felt the burn good. Waiting for the pay off. :) I was also able to do 12 in a row of the bent knee hanging abs things from the chin up bar. Not able to hold them for long, but doing them none the less. Practice and strength will make it happen.

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