Should I eat more at work?

  • Hi,


    I'm on week 2 of the program and enjoy the journey so far. 

    I have a question  about eating more (more frequent or extra portions) on work days. 

    I got this job twice a week. A shift  is12 hours long, from 5pm to 5 am. It's in a  bread-factory where I walk alot (about 10-15 km.) And do a lot of semi-heavy lifts (5-15 kg)while collecting bread for orders to ship. I do this repeatedly over a span of 7-8 hours with some breaks in between. I do not break a sweat, but it is physical demanding.

    So, should I eat more on those days to prevent to much breakdown of the muscles?


  • Greetings e440,  Just wondering if you are eating you meals in the 6 session spurts like the program suggests or is that  not possible with your shift restrictions.   As far as keeping the muscle after workouts, I have found that the EAS Muscle Armor is helping me a lot with that as I do some moderate lifting at my worksite in merchandising throughout the day and it seems to help a great deal with toning down the soreness as well. (I like the orange flavor myself).  Hopefully you are getting enough protein and carbs in your diet as well with the hand /fist method. You could always track your diet too with or a BFL SUccess Training journal like I do .   Hope this helps you out some. Keep Moving Forward!