Girls Working out at home - worried I won't have right equipment

  • I'm nearly finished week 3 and I'm doing workouts at home using only dumbbells.  They go up to 15kg approx 33pounds and I've been reading about women who go up to double that by the end I won't have heavy enough weights. I'm not sure what to do or how heavy I'll need to go but the DBS are pretty exy when getting over 30#

    Any women out there care to share how heavy you lifted? Anyone else working out at home with limited equipment? Will 30# be enough? Currently upper body I'm lifting about 15# give or take depending in exercise. Lower body about 20# but need to increase here. 

  • Damn, i guess whenever you can get the chance...get a cheap set of other dumbbells.

    They end up paying for themselves in the long run, gym memberships adds up.

    you'll know your at 30s anyway...look around there i guess? :)  

  • While I'm not a woman, I can relate. My heaviest dumbbells are 30 lbs, and I've already reached those for biceps (Hammer Curls). Budget is tight so I really can't be spending $$$ for more equipment - maybe $, but not $$$ - and new weights run nearly a dollar per pound.

    I'm using two strategies to squeeze more mileage out of my existing weights:

    (1) Slow down the reps a little bit, so the muscle spends longer under tension with each rep. I did that on my last UBWO, and was able to push to failure on Hammer Curls using 20 lbs instead of 30. I don't know if slowing it down too much would compromise the effectiveness of the workout, but I doubt a little slow-down would be an issue.

    (2) Switch up exercises so the primary is one that needs less weight to hit the same intensity. For example, I can hit "9"s and "10"s doing Zottman Curls with less weight than I need for Hammer Curls, so I'm planning to switch to doing them first - not only can I get away with less weight there, but then when I do the Hammer Curls after no break I shouldn't need as much weight to exhaust the biceps (since they're already nearly exhausted). Switching up from time to time is a good strategy anyway.

    Another strategy is to make a preceding exercise one that also works the target muscle. For example, I could do Dumbbell Raises for the shoulders, since that secondarily works the biceps and so hopefully I would need less weight to exhaust them when I get there. I'll probably be trying this soon too.

    It also might work to use improvised or combined equipment that gives more resistance, but you've got to be careful; you don't want things to fall apart or shift awkwardly and cause an injury (almost happened to me once when the straps on my ankle weights gave out in the middle of doing standing leg curls; I tried an "emergency improvisation" using one end of my weight bench as the weight, and on the last set it rolled on my heel and I nearly pulled my hamstring).

    The other thing I've been doing is hitting yard sales, flea markets and thrift stores looking for fitness equipment. I got my 30-lb dumbbells at a yard sale last fall for $5, so it can work, but you've definitely gotta be a bit lucky - the last several weekends I've found nothing useful.

  • Champagne4lulu, Congrats on making it to week three!  No matter what do all you can with what you have and keep the nutrition portion 100% spot on and you will have great success! mstickles gave some great advice. I agree about going slower. Many people lift too fast. A good guide is 2 seconds up and 4 seconds down. And pause for a split second at the top and give the muscle a little extra squeeze then lower resiting gravity the whole way. The eccentric phase (lowering) of a rep is where you get muscle tearing and thats what we need form muscle growth. And mjuscle is lean and shapely and that is what we want :)

    All the best with your challenge!

  • I am glad I read this post. I workout at home and have very limited tools. I just started week 7 and am not where I should be with muscles. I will try going slower. Also, where can I find another list of exercises to change things up? I read it is good to try others so muscles don't become in a routine and bored.  Thanks everyone.

  • n.b.o.t.f. - Here are a few online lists of exercises that I've checked out (the first four are the ones I've used the most):  (check "Lower body" and "Upper body" links on the left)