No lunges for me

  • I know several people have mentioned not wanting to do lunges and I completely understand. For quads I normally do side steps and squats. Recently I have injured my knee and I am not even sure how I just know it hurts enough that it is hard to make it up the stairs. I will not let that keep me from my quads workout so I thought I would share with you what workout I used on my quads instead. I am doing a home gym for all of my resistance training. I found that resistance bands are really great for me too. Very portable and still give a good workout. The ones that I purchased go from 5lbs to 75lbs.

    Leg Extensions with Resistance Bands

    This ex­er­cise ac­tu­al­ly mim­ics the func­tion of the thigh mus­cles - straight­en­ing the leg. This exact ex­er­cise def­i­nite­ly works the thighs but also re­quires bal­ance which can strength­en the an­kles as well.

    Side Leg Lifts with Resistance Bands

    Set Up: Attach a resistance band securely between a door and the doorjamb. Attach the looped end of the resistance band around the foot furthest away from the door, and then step away from the door enough so that you can feel the tension in the resistance band. You may need to split your stance a bit.

    Action: Flex your toes of the leg attached to the resistance band toward your shin. Next, keeping your leg extended, slowly move your foot away from the opposite foot. Feel the tension in your outer thigh, then slowly return to the start position. Repeat. After completing the required number of reps, switch sides and repeat the sequence

    Hope these work for you too!

  • Thank you! I have a knee injury as well and have a hard time going up stairs let alone doing squats or lunges. I have found alternative exercises for each muscle group although quads was the hardest. I will have to remember to post up images of the exercises I do to get a good quad exercise without hurting my knee.

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  • I would love to know which exercises you found. My notebook keeps getting bigger and bigger. I found that no matter what the plan is there always needs to be a back up, so I started collecting workouts I could do at home or the gym.