• I see a lot of people doing side bends holding dumb bells at the gym.  Is this good for the waist - or something else.  Should I be doing this as lower body workout or upper bpdy workout?

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  • Good question...hopefully someone who knows, will respond.

  • I work out in a gym with crazy hardcore bodybuilders down to us normal folk.  A trainer told me that most likely only the hardcore, competitve, 5% body fat people should be doing weighted side bends.  The best thing for our abs and obliques (nutrition, of course, above all else) is twisting motion with no weight (knee to elbow, standing twists while keeping the lower body as still as possible)...  These can be done with the ab workout for the week and maybe a few more times throw in to loosen things up before any of the BFL workouts.  I try to do about 150-300 twisting exercises 3 times a week

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  • In order to get rid of the muffin top, I favor doing the side bends with the weights. I usually do waist and abs exercises on my LBWO days.

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  • Thank you all so much!  You answered the other questions I had this morning.  I really feel like I could use more work on my abs even though I know 90percent is nutrition.  I am seeing a difference, but I was gtoing to ask this morning if it's ok ot add more abs exercises.  I'm not even sure I'm doing enough during my LBWO days. I've been working on executing "perfect" crunches. I"m not sure how many I should be doing - I'm not doing them fast - I'm doing them slowly and holding for a 10-count.  Anybody have any slammin' abs workouts?  Thanks so much. Have a great Tuesday!

  • According to what I have read from Mr Intl winner Andreas Cahling,  side bends with heavy weights , if over done can result in a big development in the external obliques (side ab muscles) which will actually thicken or increase the overall waist size and therefore should be done sparingly, they are right the twisting exercises, line twist crunches or twist ab machine work will help more to slimdown and tone that area overall.

  • Thank you - that ma explain why I have seen some ladies who look almost straight down from chest to hips.  Well - I'll be "twisting the night away." Dee