• Having read about the recommended supplements, etc... I was looking into creatine, trying to find a credible and reliable article about it, and found this one. Thought I'd share! :)



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  • Here is another link for creatine:

  • So about dosage then....

    Is that 4x 5gms a day for the first week and then 5g a day for the rest of the challenge? Any particular time of day?

  • So can u start the challenge for 2011 next week. I do not want to wait and need to.get moving but there is no 2011 info

  • Yes I hadn't realised that until now!!

  • I've been interested in taking some supplements that have creatine in it, but have been hesitant to do so for a couple of reasons. One reason is that I wasn't sure if it was an acceptable supplement to take while doing the BFL challenge. I looked at the rules again and noticed it said no steroids or medications or something to that effect. So Creatine should be ok to use then? I am also a bit concerned about the fact it says a side effect is weight gain. My goal right now is fat % loss and losing weight. However, if your muscles increase in size, then that would explain the weight gain, right?

  • I use Reload, which is an EAS product and contains creatine. I think the weight gain comes from creatine causing you to become a little bloated.

    I wouldn't worry about it though, don't use the scale to measure how well you're doing on the BFL program. You'll see what I mean after the first month or so after the scale has barely moved and you've lost all those inches :)

  • Creatine wouldn't be a problem - it isn't directly involved in mass gains it is involved in recovery. If the muscle can recover quicker you can work it under max work load longer and recover in between workouts. Lots of the champs used Phosphagen.

    Matt is right the weight gain is related to water retention and cellular hydration. Any weight gain from LMM is due to pure muscle work and not a direct result of creatine.

    the real debate is whether loading and if dextrose is necessary  - IMO neither has been shown to matter. Dextrose was shown to only assist in uptake of creatine only for those just beginning the supplement. So other non-sugar alternatives have been used for raising insulin to shuttle creatine to where it needs to go. I used to sugar-free creatine products that I absolutely loved. My favorite one isn't made any longer sadly - the mechanism used for uptake is Cinnulin PF in most of the low-sugar to sugar free product.

  • I was given some "Jack3d" by a friend and have tried that a couple of times. Wow, insanity. It's gotta be the caffeine in there, because I definitely feel jacked when I'm on it. I don't have any caffeine in my diet whatsoever so I'm sure it's a boost from that. My workouts have been better the few times I've taken it. It could be a bit of a placebo effect too but I'll give it a try a few more times and see how it goes.

  • Go easy on the Jacked - one of my clients got herself 3 days in ICU as she overdid it. There are some ingredients in there that when combined complete an amphetamine profile, powerfully. I like Jacked, but definitely respect it.

  • Yeah, I've done some illegal substances in the past, and some of the feelings I get when I take it are very similar to those. However, I'm only taking 1 scoop with about 8-10 oz's of water and only when I'm lifting. I'll be careful, and thanks for the heads up.

  • Does Creatine make you bloated? I wonder if that is why I have plateaued a bit on the weight loss side.

  • I have heard that being bloated is one of the side effects of creatine. Also, bad gas or diahrea too. I've also heard that one is to expect weight gains, but I can only assume that's from your muscles growing.

  • Creatine can cause you to retain water and that is why you might gain a little weight or stall on weight loss.  I honestly think everyone's experience is a little different.  I don't personally gain weight with it, but I also don't lose quite as fast as I would without it.

    Another common misconception is about the loading stage.  Antinous - you don't have to preload with the extra creatine during the first week.  A lot of people will tell you that have to, but most of the evidence says it is unnecessary.  It is not wrong to, but my past experience says there is no direct benefit to it.  It is also a good idea to cycle it.  I tend to come off of it after about 8 weeks and take a month off from it.  You can go longer, but I think it would be ideal to come off at the end of a 12 week challenge and stay off for a few weeks and start over.  Actually, coming off of it around week 10 would give your body the last couple of weeks to shed the water you are retaining from it and would not hurt with the leaning out process a bit...

    I have taken Jack3d before too, and it does give you a nice pump.  For me, after about 3 weeks I don't feel the effects of very much.  I like NoXplode better...I "feel" something a little more with it.  I think it is more mental than anything else - lol.  Just like the creatine though it is a good idea to cycle the pre-workout supplements too.  A lot of people think they are a waste of $$$ and they may be right, but mentally they seem to help me.  So I will take advantage of it as much as possible.

  • For women they do nicely with about 2.5g or half the suggested dose. My wife would look upwards of 3 months pregnant with 5g once she changed to 2.5g pre- and post-workout she was fine. Indeed if you are looking at the scale it can work against you on principle of cellular hydration, in other words creatine catches a ride on water, like sodium so if you are well hydrated you'll hold water in the gut and bloat. For women it is a greater problem due the differences in physiology and endocrine systems.

    I agree with Parson Brown, you could be wasting $$$ with some of these "must haves" but anecdotal evidence I have witnessed is enough to say they work extremely well for some and not so well for others, there is no test to find out but the mental edge perspective is just as important and will help you push through. Placebo effect or real results? only the quality of the workout, rest and nutrition is a guaranteed to be real which is why supplements are called supplements - they won't do the workout for you. I have watched some bodybuilders throw away thousands and risk jail doing steroids and not applying the quality workouts, rest and nutrition - nothing will do it for you.