Have 60lbs to lose-Extra Cardio OK?

  • Hi all,

    I am a couple weeks into my challenge and doing great. Totally focused and committed!

    Overall I have about 60lbs to lose. My starting weight was 193 (hopefully it has gone down some but Im not getting on that scale till end of week 4!)and I eventually would like to be around 130. Seems kind of unattainable right now but im confident Ill be singing a different tune in another 10 weeks!

    Anyhoo, my question is because I have more than 20lbs to lose, would it be ok to do an extra cardio session? My daughter really wants me to do Jillian Micheals 30 shred with her after school. So I was thinking I could do my regular HIIT first thing in the morning like I have been and then do the 30 day shred in the afternoon. Could I also do this on my weight training days? Ive read the Bill says, "no more, no less" with the exercise but my thinking was because I have more to lose, it might be beneficial for me to add in extra cardio.

    Any suggestions on the best way to approach this would be greatly appreciated.


  • I wouldn't do it more than once or twice a week.  The reason behind doing cardio only 3 days a week is to allow your muscles to build while weight training.  If you do too much cardio, you lose any muscle you are working to build.  If you are doing your HIIT properly, you shouldn't feel like doing it again for a few days.  You should be wiped out!! Also, I know that when I do cardio, I am always hungrier, and feel like I need to eat more; this may be counterproductive for weight loss.  Also, it is really easy to get burnt out when you are doing too much!  I know that some people who have a lot of weight to lose are so focused on losing the fat that they lose focus on building that muscle.  To avoid loose skin and to see some amazing muscles once that fat melts, you've gotta weight train and not do too much cardio.  Best wishes!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Unless you're really sedentary the rest of the time I wouldn't do any extra. Especially since Bill Phillips came right out and said NO MORE NO LESS. I totally understand. I am having to keep myself from doing extra because I always err on the side of more cardio must be better. But obviously, if more were better, I wouldn't still be 50 lbs overweight with no muscle tone. Trust the program!!!

  • Problem is that doing more cardio causes your body tends to burn muscle not fat.

    Your body needs rest as much as it needs exercise.

    So doing more can actually yield worse results then just sticking with the program.

    Now on to the fact that you are wanting to lose 5.25 lbs a week.

    Where this is entirely possible it is a lot to expect.

    Even more so generally not healthy to lose that much that fast especially consistently over a 12 week period.

    Couple tips

    Set more realistic goals, trying to do too much too fast is not healthy and can be quite discouraging.

    You didn't get this out of shape over night, don't expect results over night either.

    Don't set a goal weight, you will gain more muscle then you ever had and muscle tissue is more dense then fat tissue.

    Meaning for whatever reason you think 130lbs is the ideal weight (you used to weigh that or know somebody who does) you could look 10x better at 10 lbs heavier and still be a size smaller.

    Instead just watch you body change before your eyes and it will especially in the last 4 months.

    Stick with the program, it works.

    If you don't reach you goal body composition after the program, then take a week or two rest and start it again.

    Everyone who sticks with the program and follows it to the letter sees amazing results after 3 months.

    However, many people who were in bad shape may have done it a couple times to get where they are at.

    Don't skimp on your diet.

    Meaning you must eat.

    Body for life is not the end all be all of fitness but it does work if you follow the program.

    If you want to do a little something extra, I would save it for Sundays and not make it too difficult.

  • Ok, I am just going to stick with the 20 min HIIT every other day! BDMom, you're right, I wont really feel like doing it anyway!

    Kjuled, I didn't explain myself quite right in my original post..My goal for THIS challenge is 20lbs, so I plan on doing 2 more challenges after this one. I really just want to be out of the 180's! I have tried counting calories, weight watchers, working out like crazy and even lots of running and have never been able to lose more than 15 lbs. I always get stuck around 185 and just quit losing. I even trained for and  completed a half marathon a year and a half ago at the weight I am now, with numerous 5ks and 10ks before and since then. What I have realized with this program so far is that even though I had been previously staying within a calorie limit of 1200-1500 calories, I was eating so many carbs and fat and hardly any protien. I have seen some decent changes already in the 2 weeks I have been doing the program. Clothes are fitting much nicer.

    Thanks for all the responses