Halfway through challenge - start supplements?

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm on week 6 of the challenge and so far have been seeing great results, nice muscle addition and fat loss. However, I've heard these next 6 weeks are really where the hard work starts to pay off. Up until now, I haven't been taking any sort of supplements. I only use Isoflex (by Allmax) whey protein shake as one of my 6 meals (with an apple or banana, etc). I'm wondering whether it would be beneficial to start using any sort of supplements to help speed along results for the next half of the challenge?

    Thanks !


  • Hi Max - it seems the supplements question is a big one.  I think we need to contact the EAS 800 number (it's on the home page).  Although I personally would like to hear from the people on the challenge who have used them, and the experience they had.  I know the EAS are the experts...but still I'd like to hear from the ordinary folk.  I've done some googling Betagen which is a creatine blend, and have found some interesting facts. This is an interview with Bill Phillips www.medicinenet.com/.../art.asp ...hope this helps some.  Congrats on making it to the 6th week!  I will start my 4th week Monday.

  • Thanks Wisewoman for all of your help!! I appreciate it. Congrats yourself on making it to week 4, stick to it - the best is yet to come

  • I've seen people have great results without any supplements (pperk), but myself, I have used Myoplex Shakes as supplements.  It's a convenience thing for me.  All in all, if you really want to tighten up your nutrition, I would say keep track using a calorie counter and make sure that you are at a 500 calorie/ day deficit to help you burn as much fat as possible and make sure you stick to your workouts.  Hope this helps and good luck!