Hurt knee--should I begin the Challenge?

  • I hurt my knee and am concerned about starting a Challenge.  I can follow the nutrition guidelines and do some of the weight training but am uncertain about my ability to hit my 9s and 10s because of my knee. Should I wait until it is completely healed or do what I can. (I don't plan on competing at this point--simply wanting a transformation.)

  • Do you have a brace or any stabilizer?  Just starting the nutrition part and getting that down is a step forward, and you can choose some of the exercises which don't isolate your knee so much so there's not so much stress.  Definitely talk to your doctor first to make sure you don't slow the healing, because you want to hit it hard as soon as possible, but using too much weight will slow its healing, so keep the weights light and let your knee tell you when to stop.  It won't interfere with your upper body workouts, and now that the weather is getting warmer, if you can get to a pool for cardio, that will be great for your knee!  Even a slow move forward toward a transformation is a move forward, so good luck easing into it!  

  • Wait.  Speaking from a really crappy and frustrating experience, it will be better in the long run if you let your knee recover fully before pushing it to work.  Be patient - it'll be better than ever when you can get back to it.