What is your experience now that you are on the 4th week of the plan? please reply, I'd love to know what's happening with you!

  • Hello there! I am in my 4th week and I am excited, motivated, energetic, working hard, expecting big changes, but honestly I don't see the changes I expect. Is that normal? or I probably not doing it right?

  • Hey Yaeshora,

    I think everyone’s experience will be different depending on your body’s makeup.  For me, I feel it took me 4 full weeks to feel confident with the weight lifting.  I did start to notice some changes happening at the end of week 4.  I absolutely have noticed changes in my appearance after week 6.  I am really kicking myself for not doing the before measurements and pictures.  I wish I had those to compare.  I say if you are feeling excited, motivated, and energetic you’re doing something right.  I believe in this plan.  Stay strong, stay focused, and make every workout count.  Don’t focus on yesterday’s workout, don’t focus on tomorrows workout.  Stay focused on today’s workout, stay focused on the set you are doing, stay focused on running that full minute before you dial the treadmill down.  Your results will follow the hard work and dedication you put in.  Stay strong!  You got this!

  • I'm right there with you!  The scale says a 14.5 lb drop in just about 4 weeks (Sunday starts week 5).  I don't notice a thing physically yet, but I keep reminding myself it's a marathon not a sprint.  Keep at it, others will probably notice it before you do!

  • The most noticeable visible change is in the last 90 days if you stick with the program.

  • Glad you are still staying pumped up about the program!

    When I did the Challenge last year I didn't really see anything for about 6 weeks. It takes your body a while to "get in the groove" of what you're trying to do to it. From what I know the last 4 weeks is where the magic happens and you begin to see visible changes, very quickly. If you look at other peoples' photos you will see that the most significant changes are weeks 8 - 12. So don't give up and keep doing what you're doing!

  • Thank you Andys10 for your words of encouragement and sharing your experience, that's something that make me feel even more inspired. And you are right, it really take time to understand the training, specially the cardio, the way to cook, etc. it is definetely a new way of life for me and my family.  Let's keep up the working hard and the results will show! Thanks again!

  • At least your scale is "saying" something! Mine seems stuck on the same horrible numbers (LOL) but now I feel a little bit better, I have been reading others experiences and I see it works different in every person, that helps. plus, by now two weeks after a post this, I feel more confident, I see a better posture, a more define waist, plus I think this is not magic, Its hard to improve a body that it has being take care of for 10 years!