Weight classes?

  • Hi, I'm new to BFL and getting ready to start my first challenge. I already work out regularly including weight classes at the gym. I'm wondering how important it is to do the 46 minutes of weight training?  I do Body Pump classes, increasing my weights as often as I can and feel appropriately challenged by them (sweating profusely, struggling for the last reps, regularly sore). I feel like I have a good habit formed with good support at these group classes and would rather not change that. Has anyone else successfully used group weight classes during BFL challenges?


  • I could be wrong here, but I'm pretty sure the 46 minute guideline is because that's about the amount of intense training it takes before your body starts producing cortisol (a catabolic hormone), although I'm sure it varies slightly person to person. Also this is not including warmups.

    I'm sure your body pump classes were intelligently designed, so as long as they keep producing results I say if it isn't broken don't fix it.

  • BFL is designed very specifically for a reason. Have you read the original BFL book by Bill Phillips? He explains why he designed the program like he did....with 3 very specific strength trainings per week (alternating between lower body and upper body) and 3 cardio HIITs per week, along with a very specific nutrition plan. The BFL plan is designed to get results.

    I am not saying that you won't see results with Body Pump classes (I am a group fitness instructor and have taught these classes in the past), but I don't believe you will achieve the same results of following the BFL plan as outlined in the book. If you really like your workouts and they are something you will stick with, then maybe consider just doing that for your health. However, if you want a total transformation, then give the BFL plan a try. I can tell you personally that I taught those types of group fitness classes for years but never saw my body transform until I did the true BFL program.

    Good luck!!!!

  • Thanks for you input and advice.  I have not finished reading the original book (BFL for women and BFL Champions were available at the library first), so I don't completely understand the design, but I think I get the idea.  

    Thanks for responding so quickly!