• I know I will be the pesky poster - but:  Has any one used or is using the thigh machines at a gym?  Is this good - or is it necessary to achieve optimum results?

    I've been working out at the senior center ( I'm 67) - they have free weights and a few machines - Yesterday one of the machines  was out of order - so didn't get to do thelying curls, or standing leg curls. Couldn't get to the abs went home and did what I could after using the leg press, and doing one leg calf raises. I'm thinking I will join a regular gym.

    I can't do squats yet - knees feel week - trusting this will improve...

    Thank you, everyone


  • Sharon, I've read and heard good and bad things about using those.  I used to with no problem when I was a member of a gym, but I was in pretty good shape at the time and my legs were strong.   I've heard it can aggravate the smaller muscles and maybe put strain on your back, but I always got a good burn from it.  I don't have access to them anymore, but I do sometimes use my stability ball and squeeze it and it gets the same effect.

  • it probably does not fit into BFL. I do it on recommendation of my Physical Therapist. If you put the pads on the outside of you thighs you will be helping the muscles around your hips. This is good as you get older, helping with balance

  • Thank you for your quick response.  So am I to assume that the leg presses, etc. will work on the outer and inner thigh?  I can't do squats yet - though I am trying.  Nor, can I do lunges yet.  I'm fairly strong for 67 - and have pretty strong legs.  I just want to do whatever it takes to get the optimum benefits.  Thanks again all of you.