TRX training

  • Is anyone doing TRX workouts for weight training? 

  • i've used the TRX a few times.  i like it for variety and I think it looks cool doing the rows!  makes me feel strong.  Actually when I first saw them, I tried to hang on them like a kid on a playground!  my arms hurt for days afterward 'cuz they weren't used to the strength needed :)

  • I have tried them on a free day - just for fun. I havent mastered how to increase the weights for all body parts yet. Key for many of the moves is your foot position. The latest magazine issue of (men's) REPS has a great article and ideas for a fantastic workout as does YouTube.

  • I have been doing TRX for 3 weeks and last week I stepped up to a new level 3!  I could hardly walk out of the gym.  I had already paid for 5 session before BFL program and I really like it.  My core seems strong, but I still do 3 weights a week.  I just do one upper & one lower and consider this a full body workout.  I am going to finish my session and follow BFL program afterwards until I finish my 12 weeks.  I am going to purchase more - it is so interesting and time flys when I do this class.  I never have a chance to look at my watch.

    Good luck