Treadmill Stride and Breathing Technique Help

  • Can anyone help me with breathing techniques for my treadmill workout?

    I have worked up to an amazing 6.5 mph for my highest intensity  (which I never imagined possible for my 5'4" frame) My stride has changed naturally as I have become faster. I can feel the tension in my shoulders release, my hips relax, I develop a wider step and go into a little zone. My last few HIIT workouts I believe my lung capacity has totally expanded....especially my upper lung lobes have felt a good opening change! The problem is my body feels like it can go forever but my breath is not as cooperative......would love to hear what others do to overcome this issue. Thanks in advance. K


  • It just takes time.  As your body becomes more conditioned to you pushing it with the intervals, your lungs will also become more conditioned. I try to concentrate on taking in deep breaths slowly and then release it rather than huffing and puffing. It also helps the minute intervals go by faster when I'm focusing on breathing technique rather than watching the timer the whole minute. Try it next time and see how it works.  Deep slow breaths in (try to breathe in thru your nose), then try to let it out (thru your mouth) slower than normal too.

    Way to go doing your high point at 6.5 mph!! That's awesome!!


  • Me too.  I get so tense when I run on the treadmill, I just can't seem to relax and enjoy it.  Looking forward to the input.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • You have to remember, 6.5 is a sprint speed.  Even professional sprinters run out of breath when they do their 100M or 200M races though their muscles can handle more.  If you want to try something different, try your high point with an incline for a few weeks.  Currently my high point is 5.5 with incline 12.0, try something along those lines then go back to the race and see where it is.  Sometimes, you have to challenge yourself differently to get further.  Just my thoughts.

  • ya gotta remember that your lungs are just like other muscles of your body theyneed gradual, continual stretching.

    When I used to run track, here's something I would do nightly:

    Already in bed and before going to sleep, I would practice breathing excercises.  I would take a deep breath, hold it for 3-5 hearbeats, then exhale and hold that for 3-5 heartbeats.  I would do this several times, but usually I'd get so relaxed and fall asleep so that's a good thing

    I would try this in the morning, but it was just too boring for me and my mind would race on all the things I needed to do, so at least for me night time worked best!