Same Exercise?

  • This question if for the BFL veterns.

    For the duration of BLF, do you do the same exercise every time?  For example, on the upper body days for the chest muscle group, do you do dumbbell bench press for the first 5 sets, then dumbbell flye for the last intense set, every time you do an upper body day?  Or do you change it up every time?  I was looking at the back exercises, and I noticed that they had exercises for the upper back, and then some for the lower back.  I couldn't imagine that I could get that elusive 10 if I did lat pull downs for 5 sets and then did back extensions.  Help?



  • Great question!  I am a newbie and have been thinking about this also.  My thought process that i ended up deciding on is keeping the same exercise for 2 weeks.  This way you can become familiar with the motion and get a good feeling as to where your “10” is.  Then I plan on switching up all of the exercises, still working the same groups just new exercises.  

    I will be interested in hearing the veterans opinion on this one.  

  • If you're just starting out, I suggest you stay with the same exercises for at least a month.  It will take you a few workouts just to find the right weight/intensity anyway.  And it's fun to see your progress as the weeks go by, how your ability to lift heavier goes up!!  

    Then when you change things up and switch to new exercises, you will surprise your body just when it was getting used it, and once your body gets TOO used to it, it gets comfortable, starts finding ways to cheat the exercise and doens't grow and change at the rate it was when you first surprised it.  And then you find new ways to get sore all over again! :)

    I also change the order sometimes too.  Like one week, I'll start with chest, then next time I'll end with it.  Whatever muscle group I start with, I have so much energy.  Whatever I end with, I'm sapped.

    Oh I never seem to reach a '10' with back extensions either (unless I want to break my back).  Sometimes I'll throw them in in the middle of the sets, like I'll start with a particular exercise for the 12, 10, 8, then back extensions for 6, 12, then end with a 3rd exercise for the last set of 12.  As long as i'm building the intensity with each set and feeling like I'm getting a good overall muscle usage.