Too injured to lift...

  • On Saturday, I hurt my left shoulder, neck, and upper back doing renovations on my house. I was able to do my lower body lifting on Sunday morning, but it wasn't as good of a workout as I wanted. I was in a lot of pain yesterday and this morning. I went to the doctor today and he said it was nothing serious, but that I should quit lifting weights until I get better. He said that I can continue to bike/run since my legs aren't effected by it.

    Should I bike/run 6 days a week or should I stick to 3 days a week or should I stop altogether until I get better?

    It's kind of disappointing to have this happen just as I'm starting see some progress in the mirror, but I suppose everyone on here has had some set backs.

  • Ouch!  I feel for you.  As the owner of an old house that has had/needs major renovations, I really feel for you.

    You are so right about the frustration of encountering a setback during the challenge.  If it were me, I'd definitely keep up some sort of exercise or I'd end up falling off the wagon entirely... like, for years.

    You could do your HIIT cardio three times a week and a lower body weight lifting once or twice a week until your upper body heals.  Keep up with a good eating plan.  Within a few weeks you can get going full force again and I bet you'll make excellent progress.

    Good luck and I hope that you feel better very soon!

  • Randomguy53,

    Defiantly continue to do whatever you can as long as you do not aggravate the injury. Lower body and cardio  will produce more progress then nothing at all. Maybe not as fast as you would like but if you seeing reults keep going. "You have to strike while the iron is hot". On my first attempt at BFL I to was doing some home renovations and bruised a rib I decided to stop until I healed, That was ten years and forty pounds ago. I have just started another challange and am on day 17.  NEVER SAY DIE. Good luck and stay strong

  • Yeah, I aggravated the injury yesterday. I had to tear out a wall for the heating/cooling guy coming in tomorrow and I was carrying 5 gallon buckets of old plaster down the stairs and I felt a little sore last night. This morning my alarm clock went off at 6:15 and I had a hard time getting up and then a harder time just standing up straight.

    I went in to my basement, stretched and and tried to lift 40 lbs. dumbbells, I had to set them down right away. I just couldn't lift anything, it was hurting my back too much. I was able to do leg extensions/curls and bent knee leg raises/crunches, but that was it.

    BTW, not BFL related, but I found this in the room I'm renovating:

    My house is really old. :-)

  • Sorry to hear that you're still hurting!  What a cool find in your house, though!  When was it built?  Our house was built in 1836... a year before Michigan became a state.  We've never found any neat artifacts while remodeling.  That would be fascinating!

  • Excercising while injured:  IMO, I think that if you are compelled to continue lifting with an arm / neck / back injury, first give it a few days rest, then go thru the same motions with a really light weight or just a wood dowel or such.  The idea is to keep active with the momentum / routine at least psychologically while giving yourself time to heal.  Pushing yourself too early with too much weight will just make your actual recovery time longer.  It's not an all or nothing affair, the 12 weeks may take 14 or more.  Look beyond the 12 week challenge as a lifetime challenge!  Good luck!

  • Random Guy,

    Ugh.. such a tough topic.  i would never tell anybody to continue to lift if they are injured.  However, if you are just hurt/hurting then some adversity will do you good to fight through.  

    I say this because during Challenge 1 for me I slipped a disc in my back, in Challenge 2 I partially tore my ACL (shoulder), and in both Challenges I never missed a workout or cardio sessions, I adapted.

    Again, if you are injured, be cautious and see a doctor.  If you are just hurt/hurting, find a way around it so you don't look back five years from now with regret.

    Semper Fi,