What happens if I don't go to a gym? How do I use the weights in the book? Any suggestions?

  • I don't go to the gym and work out at home. Do you have have free weights at home? Let's start there

  • Thanks for replying so soon. yes I have weights at home. I have 2 lbs but they are way to light. I use now 3 lb weight. I also have more weights that I put together. Sounds funny but it's  a small bar and I put on how much weight I need. I also have a ball and lots of DVD's for pilates, arobics, Zumba etc...

    Do I need to buy a bench? and others?

  • I don't have a bench but I'm considering getting a small one, for now I use an excercise ball for my chest exercises or if I need to sit for biceps or tricep I sit on it as well. I would say as long as you are using something for the weights, and are able to build up on it and feel those "10"s then you should be ok. I run outside for my cardio and have a full set of dumbells inside. I also have a few resistance bands. I ready the magazine Oxygen, it's for women, although my hubby says he likes the tips better in it then "Men's Health". And it has many great excercise ideas in it for the home as well. I hope this helps and good luck!

  • Thanks yes that helps. I do have a ball. I'll have to try the Oxygen magazine. Sounds good! hows your progess doing?

  • 42feelbetter--- if you feel like you are not hitting your tens with the weights u have u can always use simple household things that are laying around. If you fill a 5 gallon bucket with water it gets pretty heavy and works for biceps pretty well, it also makes you watch your form very well cause if you move too quickly you will have a mess on your hands