Heart Rate Monitor and Cardio 10

  • I've dusted off my heart rate monitor and wore it for a typical cardio workout on the stationary bike thismorning.

    For the first two peaks I registered high points of 81% Maximum Heart Rate (MHR)

    For the thidr peak I reached 87% and for the last super-peak I reached 92% MHR.  Is this about right for what I should be doing.  I'm at the end of week 8 now and I've done all my cardio on the stationary bike, increasing pace and load to keep me working harder week to week.

    I'm happy with the results I'm getting transformation wise but I'm always wondering if I should be pushing harder (or doing longer workouts)

    kia kaha


    Malcolm (New Zealand)

  • I have the same question. I keep going over my maximum heart rate which probably isn't good, but it just doesn't feel like a 10 otherwise.

    Megan (Colorado)

    P. S. Malcolm are you on the North or South Island? I spent a semester at the Uni of Otago and have been trying get back to NZed ever since :)