Do I need to rotate ALL 6 exercises in each group?

  • I'm soon beginning the 12 week challenge. The training guide says I am to pick 2 of the 6 exercises from each muscle group category. I understand the 5 sets of one exercise and 1 set of the other routine. But do I need to rotate all 6 exercises, or can I pick 2 or 3 favorites and just use them? For instance, doing barbell bench presses without a workout partner can be dangerous, could I just do dumb bell bench presses? Could I do bench presses every day and add in one of the other 5 for the final set? If I do need to rotate, do I need to do each exercise an equal number of times over the course of the weeks?

  • I usually change mine up every month otherwise I'd be bored silly.  It's also good for your muscles to surprise them.  In time they would get used to always db bench presses and only work those specific chest muscles needed for that particular exercise.  Then they start to learn to adapt and 'cheat'.

    I have a friend who did just Leg Extension and Leg Curls for months, he thought he was hitting everything for quads and hams.  Then he tried squats one day, and boy was he hurting the next day!  In a  good way!  Your body will grow and change if we keep surprising it and not letting it get 'comfortable'.

    best wishes on your embarking challenge!!!  you WILL NOT REGRET IT!!!