• I´m starting my Challenge on monday.  Buy I would like to hear your opinion on my trainingplan.

    I work really really long hours Monday to wensday ( I leave home at 6:45 am and get home at 18:30)

    I am a certified Zumbainstuctor and hav a one hour interval-class on monday-evening

    Would it be possible to count the Zumba as one cardio-session or is it considerd as my off-day?

    can I do weights on thursday, friday and sunday? I know it´s not perfect, but is it OK?

    Will I still get good results? (aming for a 10 kg fatloss)


  • The plan to do Resistance-Cardio-Resistance-Cardio-Resistance-Cardio is for a reason.

    If you do it your way will you get good results? Probably

    Will you get the same results? Probably not.