I have always heard that whether you're in a cutting phase (cardio-oriented) or bulking phase (lifting-oriented) that people tend to look their leanest and most ripped early in the morning after waking up.  The logic is supposed to be that because you don't eat or drink very much before going to sleep that over the course of the night your body (albeit very, very slowly) metabolizes small amounts of sugars and fats and your skin dehydrates so that when you wake up everything has sort of shrunk down (like a shirt in the dryer).

In my case, I do usually eat something before going to bed (and yes I am fully aware that if you're main goal is to lose weight/cut fat that this is a super booboo), usually a small bowl of cereal or similar item and a few ounces of water (I also mostly workout, cardio or lifting, at night and so consume a lot of water on average at this time).  When I wake up in the morning I notice that I am actually... "fluffier" and overall more pudgy-looking after waking up and that I usually down start to look trimmer until later in the day, reaching my best somewhere between early and late afternoon after which I start going downhill again.

Aside from the advice that I start working out in the morning and not eat before bed (which is common sense that I should already know this) I was just curious if anyone else here has ever experienced similar changes in their appearance outside what many people say is average for people trying to lose weight.