Abdominals Doubt

  • Hi there!

    So I just started a challenge on monday and I have several doubts...First one is related to abdominals....How do you guys increase the weight when doing the traditional one (laying down on the floor with knees bended)? Witch ones do you do? 

    I'll post my other doubts in the right sections...



  • Hold a dumbbell or weight plate against your chest to do the weighted crunches.

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  • Ever tried Ab Ripper X from P90X.... go to youtube and search for it. It's a great workout and I guarantee you'll feel it!

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  • I've done what Champster suggests and increased the weight as I lowered the reps. I have also held a dumbbell behind my neck and increased the weight that way too. You can keep feet on floor for crunches, then put them on a low stool, then a kichen chair (well calves at that point) and then v-ups for your last push. :)

  • Legs would know; she has perfectly beautiful abs!!!!  I don't really use weight increases with my ab exercises.  I do all different kind of ab workouts, but only use extra weight on occasion.  My obliques tend to bulk out too much when using additional weights.  I say to work them 2-3x per week though instead of just on leg days as suggested in the book.  Good luck and best wishes.

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  • I just wanted to throw this out there...

    Abs are one of the easiest exercieses to cheat on and also to do most inefficently. When doing a proper ab exercise it is very easy to incorperate hip flexors, or arms or back or to use momentum. Also,it is easy to rest at the top. Like curls, when you reach the top of the movement squeeze the muscle as hard as you can and hold it a second before you lower SLOWER than when you lifted forward. With abs slower is better, both up and down. Squeeze your abs constantly, never give them a rest, ever, during your set. Also, technique is key. Keep your chin up (a fist between your chest and chin is a good guide) and concentrate on squeezing your ribs together and bringing your sternum and pelvis togther. And don't forget to breathe! :)

    Just my two cents.

  • I do abbs like champster cept i use an decline bench .

  • Most importantly remember that six pack abs are built in the kitchen more than the gym. Yes, you should train them, but I've seen really skinny guys with a six pack who never do a single crunch or other ab exercise. Not that you should go that route, but the point is, if you get your fat levels low enough, those abs are going to pop out no matter what exercises you do so don't worry to much about following the perfect abdominal training routine. Focus on the program as a whole and most importantly keeping your portions controlled and food clean. Even the extremely obese have six pack abs underneath it all! Uncovering what you already have is the biggest part of the battle.