Strength train with a bad back?

  • Hello all.  I am a 39 year-old male and I weigh 236 pounds. My ulitmate goal is to get down to 6-8% body fat. As far as a weight goal, I want to get anywhere from 155 pounds to 172 pounds; I am 5'11".

     Can anyone tell me if there is a way to do strength training with a bad back? I have tried to devise a workout plan, and I have searched on google, but at this point I'm kind of lost. I have dumbbells, but doing dumbbell squats, dead lifts, and even getting on and off the bench for bench presses, hurt my back to the point that I give up after 1 workout. I'm not looking for info on physical therapy, which I think I could actually benefit from, but specifically am wanting to know if anyone had any suggestions on a strength training regimen that would be similar to the BFL plan, but easier on my back. Thanks.

  • Cubs,

    I have been debating responding to your post because, well, you either want to get in shape or you don't....

    You state you don't want to hear about physical therapy so that tells me you know you need some help but aren't that serious about getting it.

    I am a disabled vet with a missing collarbone and two semi-permanent herniated discs.  I bulged a disc half way through my current program and I just recently aggravated by a/c joint of my good shoulder, but I haven't missed a workout and I won't because at some point your fed up of being fed up....  I can't tell you how much icing, soaking, and pain relievers I have had to "add" to the BFL program to finish it, you either want it or you don't.  

    Unless you are experience white noise type of pain in your head then just gut through it, if this is not an option then get to a freaking doctor to help you get better.....