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  • I just started the 12 weeks program yesterday.  I have been working out a long time at home.  I do P90X and INSANITY.  I have several dumbells up to 35 lbs.  Am I able to do this at home?  Do I need heavier weights?  Im a very strong lady. I do not have room for a bench but I find a stabalizer ball kinda does the same thing.  Can any one offer me some advise on if I can do this program soley from home?

  • There are plenty of exercies at this link below that will help you mix it up and stay at home.  There have been plenty of women doing BFL at home.

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  • Michelle,

    Thank you for your reply.  I just finished my lower body workout and it wasnt nearly what I thought it should be.  My dumbells only go up to 35 lbs.  I used the BFL book as instruction and chose the only exercises that didnt require equipment.  I ended up having to do lots of reps just to feel it.  What do I need to do here?  I looked up that site you linked but I was having trouble finding exercises to do at home with dumbells.  After 12 weeks of doing the only things I can do at home, wont that cause me to plateau?  Please help :)

  • You absolutely can do this working out at home.  I would agree that 35lbs on DB's is going to be a limiting factor on a lot of things, but there are ways around all of that...Here are my suggestions or things to consider.

    A set of Powerblock Dumbbells would satisfy the vast majority of your future weight needs.  I have the set that goes from 5-90# and I am no where near outgrowing them as a 200# man.  Watch your local craigslist for deals on these  or any dumbbells really.  The leg workouts are going to be toughest I would imagine with lower weights.  But things like lunges and one leg stff leg deadlifts don't take a lot of weight for most people...The website champster gave you is great for ideas. also has a database of exercises too.

    Unless you live in one room house you probably have room for some kind of bench.  Some are made to colapse and roll away under beds or stand up in corners.  It would definitely be a great addition.

    I work out at home and all of my junk is in the garage.  I have to be creative at times too because I don't have all the stuff a gym has....You can do it!

  • i think that ParsonBrown is on the right track with the Powerblock Dumbells, you might also check the site as well for them if the other site doesn't have them. I looked them up on line one time and was very impressed with how they function and their uses.

  • Another question I have is about the 20 min. I was reading here in another part and replied. But looking at this I thought I would ask as well. I don't have a bike at home or treadmill etc. Am not able to get to the gym early a.m when I want to do the 20 min arobics, Doing a program with a mini trampoline and I have a pilates dvd and also a regime of fat buring exercises is what I have started doing. I do feel the workouts, will these be ok to start with? Other wise I will have to wait till after work which would put it much later like evening for me to do this. Please advise!

  • Mybodyforever,

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