• Is anyone doing abs more often than on lower body days only?  Every time I ever trained with a Personal Trainor, they always did abs no matter what other body part we were focusing in on....

    i think doing abs only on lower body days seems too little....

  • Mom2JD,

    Good afternoon  Every time I've trained too, I've been told to do abs every other day.  They need a day to rest.  I've heard other people that are doing abs on their cardio days instead of their lower body days.  I think I'm going start doing that instead.  I just don't feel comfortable doing them once a week especially with my midsection.  

    Hope this helps.


  • Abs are about the only group that you can work everyday if you want.  Just don't get in the rut of doing the same movements over and over. Mix it up.

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  • I've often done extra and different ab work on my cardio days at the end of the session. She is right though, it's good to provide a little muscle confusion and mix up the ab exercises. keeps em guessing!