Upper Body & Lower Body Exercise Pics

  • I have the Body for Life book but it is rather arkward to take to the gym. Does anyone know where I can get pictures of the way to do the different exercises for Upper & Lower Days. I walk in the gym and I am at a loss all of these machines & dumbells & weights???

  • It might be a good idea to take the book and meet with a trainer just once or twice and have them show you the machines you need and how to operate them.  You could even have them take your measurements for you.  It is overwhelming at first but in a couple weeks you will be a pro at how to operate the machines you need and then you will feel much more comfortable.  Good Luck!

  • Photocopy the pictures from the book and take them with you

  • www.bodybuilding.com

  • It's a little awkward but I still take the book and my journal to the gym with me.  If often provides some interesting conversation as I am working out or in between sets and may help to promote BFL in general as well.  It has at work I know that.

  • Here is a great site that actually shows you which muscle group you are working and what exercise to do for each, along with video demos.


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  • I know what you mean. What might help is to just copy the excersise themself and just take that with you. I take the book myself and it does help to remind what comes next! Hope this helps you out,