A Question about Muscle Soreness

  • Hi Everyone—


    I have a question about muscle soreness after weight lifting.  I am in my 7th week on the program and I am no longer experiencing muscle soreness the day my weight lifting days.  Is this an indication that I’m not pushing myself hard enough?  Or, is this just the way it goes after being on a program for awhile?  My muscles are still tired after I finish working out.  On upper days, it is usually a challenge to life my hands high enough to wash my hair. So, I feel like I’m pushing.  But, since I no longer experience day-after-soreness, I wanted to get some feedback.





  • Hi Sam,

    Have you changed up your exercises?  You should switch up your routine every 3-4 weeks.  Muscle soreness is not necessarily a sign that you are making progress or not, but since you were getting it before and are not now, I'm led to believe it's time for a change.

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  • The initial major soreness between 24-48 hours following exercise is an indication those muscles are new to that type of exercise. As your specific muscles get conditioned to exercise, you should no longer feel soreness "pain", but only possibly stiffness or "tired". See the "Repeated Bout Effect" in the link below.

    You can however have it pop up again if you happen to hit a muscle that you hadn't previously. This condition is called "Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness".


  • At 7 weeks, I would think you shouldn't be getting that overall soreness, as long as your feeling the fatigue after.