Abs and running

  • I have the standard overwaight guy gut and I want to tone up... im afraid it will tone into a hard  barrel shape guy gut instead of a V shape waist and lean abs. What is the best exercise to 'rip the V' and make the bulge flat ??

    Also I can only run about 2 minuts before I feel like im going to die... what is the best way to fix this ??

    Thanks again!

  • Blackcat,

    There is saying around here: Abs are made in the kitchen. About 80% of losing fat is what you eat. 15% is exercise and 5% can be attributed to supplement. The main thing is to work out hard and eat clean. Do this and you will loose fat. You can exercise all you want, do hundreds of crunches, but if you don't eat right the six pack will be covered with a layer of fat. Make sense?

    Don't worry about only being able to do cardio for 2 minutes. Set your goal for 3 minutes then for 4 and onward. Keep pushing yourself to do more. Your cardio endurance with increase and you will burn fat in the process :)

    Do you have the original BFL book? If not I highly reccomend obtaining a copy and reading it cover to cover. It will change your life!

    All the best


  • Blackcat - when I started running it was one block at a time for several weeks. Run a block, walk and gasp 2. Then I tried running 2 blocks and gasping for 2. Over one summer (so we are talking weeks here) I managed to run till I got to 45 minutes straight.

    Take it one step at a time. One song, one block, one more house, one more tree ....

    And Orrin is right. Eat clean - you'll get that V.

  • Good for you for getting started and yup to the abs being made in the kitchen, an annoying truth!  With the interval training in the book, its at the pace you can go, so my level 5 which is a light jog, may be your level 10? so perhaps your L5 is a really light walk for a min and progress through as per the book, your L10 which is mins 18-19 may be a jog.. doesnt matter you just push harder everytime aye. : )

  • Two minutes of running is all you need - I have exercise induced asthma and can only tolerate short speed bursts as well. My HIIT cycle is walk - speed walk - jog - run. The last cycle of course is followed by a minute of all-out sprint and a minute of cool-down (although I usually add a few more minutes to the cool-down). I am always panicked that I won't be able to do the level 10 sprint, but I always manage to get through it.

    Design your workouts with what you can do now. I'll be you will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly your stamina increases.

    Want it. Plan it. Do it.