• I've been trying to my cardio workouts consistently early in the morning before going to work because I've been told that early morning cardio workouts get your metabolism revved up for the entire day and you end up burning more calories (if your goal is weight loss).  However, I've also been told that there are different peak times of the day for working out Upper and Lower body.  I haven't read it for myself so its just hearsay, but one of my buddies told me that Upper body exercises are best done in the morning while Lower body exercises are better done in the late afternoon or early evening.

    Has anyone here ever heard anything like that, and if so does anyone know whether or not its true or if it really matters?

  • the best time, is the time you do it.

  • nice response Charlie - lol... from what i recall if your main goal is fat loss, then the book says to do weights in mornings also.  But yup if mornings arnt possible then like Charlie said, the best time is the time you do it.  I do everything in the mornings, 1. so i don't have to think about working hard out after work when im tired and 2. my  main priority atm is BFL, so i don't mind being tired at work rather than being tired when working out.

  • There is an argument for doing strength training later in the day because your core temperature is higher then and therefore you are, at least in theory, stronger.  

    I'm a morning person.  It's completely obnoxious.  Doing all my workouts first thing is what works best for me.  I'm also more coordinated in the morning.  There are studies about that and morning people actually do many things more effectively during those am hours.  

    Unless you're actually doing a body building contest, just do it.  Do it when you can and as hard as you can.  Just do the workout.

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  • In the book there is no stress on the specific times you need to do your workouts. Bill said in the book he "likes" to do his workouts first thing in the morning before the day becomes mad and he wouldn't find the time to exercise.

    I exercise either around 11 a.m. or 5 p.m. depending on which day in the week it is.

    I have never heard anything about best time for lower body versus upper body. May be you can ask your friend about his source.

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  • That's pretty well documented, Ruby.  I don't personally think it's one of the many things we should put energy into worrying about, but it is something that's been studied.  

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  • even if you are entering a bodybuilding contest, it doesn't matter. it's all about your schedule. there are pros who workout at 7 am when they wake up and others who workout at midnight. The time that fits your schedule is the best time.

  • and for the record, BFL is a bodybuilding contest.

  • 50% of your BFL score is your essay, which is not the case in a bodybuilding contest.  That's just one major difference.  

    Studies show you are stronger later in the day, which is why some choose to workout later.  Again, it's not what's best for me and I'm not sure it should be one of the things considered, but it is in fact a fact.  

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  • BRB...on the phone with 4 time Mr Olympia, Jay Cutler, letting him know that he needs to work out at 11 am for best results.

  • There is no reason for the constant abuse, snarkiness and sarcasm.  There are several physiological factors that make working out later in the day somewhat more effective.  Read the studies on it instead of coming here and being inappropriate.  

    Strength is about 5% greater in the afternoon, which is why some choose to workout then.  There are also hormonal factors.  Again, I workout in the morning.  This isn't a holy grail thing, simply facts that the original poster was seeking to know.  

    If you do not understand something then ask additional questions.  Just because you do not know something does not make it not factual and does not make it acceptable for you to behave so badly.  

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  • Sorry for all the trouble.  I just wanted to know what other people thought or had heard of since I assumed everyone on this site had a moderate amount of fitness experience.

    By the way, not sure if the 7.7.2011 6:15 PM post by Jessica - Mighty Max was directed at me or not.  This is only my second post on this thread.

  • It was no trouble at all, Chris.  This is a great place to gather and ask questions.  

    I should have been more clear.  That post was in no way directed towards you.  It was addressing the post before that one.  

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  • Just my two cents...

    I have a personal trainer, who's helping me.  He tells me working out in the morning is not essential, but does have minor benefits.  This comes from a CPT and bodybuilder.  He says, he prefers me to work out in the morning, because you are already in starvation mode during sleep.  So when you workout hard, you will have to use some of your fat stores.  Not much, but some. Plus, your body will be in such a starvation mode when you finished working out, that when you eat/drink protein after workouts you can absorb it easier. Hmm...seems reasonable.

    I'm too lazy to work out when I get home from work, so I choose to work out in the morning. It's up to you...but like I said, that's my two cents!  :-)

  • jessica, nice try, but i dont need validation. I'm not the one who likes to refer to studies for every litle thing on this site. Regardless of your 5% advantage that some study states, it is worthless if you never step foot in a gym.

    instead of telling people there is a best time to go and possible discouraging someone from going because now in their mind, " im not going at the best time so i am already failing", they should go to the gym when it best fits their daily schedule so they can make this a Life......wait for it, wait for it.....STYLE.